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Friday, April 18th, 2008

Time:7:13 pm.
Mood: calm.
I suck - sorry to my three readers for my lack of updates.

Busy at work, traveling and such.

I was in Kalamazoo, Michigan yesterday.  Kalamazoo.  It's just fun to say.

Next trip is Omaha over Mother's Day weekend...drinkies anyone? :)
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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Subject:Further Proof of the Moronic Nature of Jon
Time:9:29 am.
Mood: complacent.

What if there was no lasagna-eating, sassy cat? 
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Monday, February 4th, 2008

Subject:I live in a hole...
Time:9:15 pm.
Mood: chipper.
So I haven't updated in a while because I don't have anything to complain about - imagine that!!  New job is fantastic, I enjoy using my brain on a daily basis.  They gave me a raise last month, which I found astounding because I hadn't had one of those in FOR-EV-ER!  I was at the old J-O-B for almost 2 years and barely could pay rent.  Mind you, I am not living the fab life but I can do things now like pay my bills on time and not have to budget for groceries.  I also just bought a new computer (yay!) because I'm all rich and fabulous now - riiiiight....

Seriously did buy a new computer though, an HP Pavilion dv6000.  It's all kinds of awesome.  I've been using R's computer since my Dell decided that it couldn't handle iTunes and crapped out.  That's what happens when you buy a computer pre-iPod...can you even imagine??

Living with R is going really well!  Unfortunately, we had enough time to get settled into everything before he is off and running away to another state.  Tupelo, Mississippi this time for a year!  It sucks, but we've done it before.  What's awesome is that I have this fab condo I get to live in instead of stomping out cockroaches in my old studio.  It's like a Cinderella story, rags to riches and all that...uh huh...

That's the latest; hopefully I'll be updating more with R out of town and the new computer and all.

Excuses, excuses...
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Friday, November 9th, 2007

Time:3:55 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
It's been forever since I've updated.  I've been mad busy with the new job and the new place.  This week was literally the week from hell.  I put in 44 hours in 4, as to not charge the company any more OT; I've taken the day off today!!  I still had to deliver a proposal down to UIC but other than that, I've just been babysitting my work e-mail and kickin' it grocery store style, yo.  It's nice and relaxing, considering I worked last Sunday as I feel like I deserve this day out of the office, but I feel guilty that my counterparts are there, like I just ran off and didn't help them.  But I do, and I'm paid hourly, so it costs them money when I am there and my manager said she has to watch our OT - so I guess I have taken the day for the greater good.  So.  There.  Also, I got to watch a Project Runway marathon on TV today, so that was pretty awesome.

That's about all for now around here is pretty standard!

TV Shows I love that everyone MUST watch:
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Subject:Shackin up!
Time:8:57 pm.
Mood: crazy.
R and I are officially moved in you hear that?  It's the sound of my mother's heart breaking because I am living in sin!  Still busy setting everything up and settling in - more fun news and quips about all that later.  R and I did have a 5 minute debate in the grocery store over whether to buy skim milk or 1%...the fun begins!
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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Time:1:50 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Pick your candidate 
I used the above link to match my feelings on important political issues to the presidential candidates' stands on the same issues.  It takes your answers and matches you up with the person you should vote for based on your stands on certain issues.  Apparently I have been matched with Dennis Kutcinich.  I think I enjoyed his responses when I watched the Union-sponsored debate on TV a few months ago (the one that took place in Soldier Field).  However, I do not think that he went to the LOGO-sponsored debate which would automatically count him out for me.  I'll have to do more research on this.

Also, I watched Big Bang Theory on CBS last night.  It was a decently funny sitcom.  Very witty.  Not sure if the network will take it or leave it,  but I found it to be an enjoyable half-hour of television.  I was also very happy to get started on new episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Heroes last night.  So happy that new episodes of my shows are back on the TV! :)
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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Time:9:20 am.
Mood: ecstatic.
After two years of torment, I finally was able to quit my job on Monday.  It was glorious, to say the least!   My bosses seriously looked suprised (which I was suprised about becase - duh, I was going to leave sooner or later).  Apparently I had dropped a bomb on them or something.  Then I mentioned that after that news had sunk in, we should all get together to discuss my duties so I can pass on my vast office-managerial knowledge.  The look on their faces transitioned from suprise to "oh shit, now we have to do all that work," which was probably the most amusing and satisfying part of it all.  I think my most favorite thing is going to be handing the two of them the 17-page instruction book on my job duties that I have created.  It's like big a packet of information.  Woo!!

Anyway, I feel so relieved.  I do have a new job that I am moving onto.  I actually got the phone call with the offer on the second day of Rosh Hashanah.  It's going to be a fabulous new year!  I will have a real job as a Marketing Coordinator for an architecture company here in Chicago.  I'm very excited because it's with a great company (I get to start a 401K finally!!) and it's the beginning of an actual career path for me.  I also get to take the train to work, so yay for no more driving!!

R and I are also thisclose to moving into a new place.  We close on a condo on Oct. 4, so on top of starting a new job I will also have to move.  I'm excited because the place is beautiful and the building is fantastic.  Everything seems to be falling into place right now - and I really appreciate it all so much!
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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Subject:Soul-Sucking Job
Time:1:40 pm.
Mood: angry.

My ass-faced boss and I just had a conversation about how I left the full-time hours on my timesheet for one day this week that he let me go early.  Apparently I am not supposed to be paid for that, but have been leaving my timesheet that way since I started here (almost 2 years ago).  I am paid hourly; even though I am full-time (I guess).

I said, had I known I was going to be docked pay for that time; I would have stayed until 5:30, because I need the money.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but when my boss tells me to leave early, I assume that means I’m still getting my full pay for that day.  When I voluntarily leave early, I usually let someone know I'm leaving for an appointment (read: job interview), and then I dock the time from my sheet.  When the boss says to take off early, I think it's a gift!  Like, "Hey, you're an awesome employee and we acknowledge the fack that there's nothing to do here today, so why don't you take off and we'll still pay you for that half-hour you left early."  Apparently that $6 they are paying me for that half-hour is really bankrupting the company.  If this is the case, I really don't need to be here full-time.  I don't do shit for 8 hours of my 9-hour day. 

Apparently there is some unwritten rule here where I'm supposed to read my boss's mind and take that time off my timesheet.  He never ever mentioned anything along the lines of "If you'd like to leave early, you may, but please reflect it on your timesheet."  It was always "Wanna go ahead and take off?"  Who says no to that?!  I also left the time full the day he sent me home early because I was sick (6 weeks ago, at least) and he said nothing.  He's said nothing the many other days this has happened; so why are we picking over it NOW?!

He asked me how I'd like to handle this situation.  I was confused, because I didn't know there was a situation to be handled.  Basically it boils down to the fact that
I will not be let out early ever again without losing pay.  Therefore, I am never leaving early, because I'm going to stay and play games online for that extra half-hour and take your fucking $6 just to piss you off.

Hate. This. Place.

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Subject:The Bears and Fantasy Football Musings
Time:4:08 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
I'm gearing up for my fantasy football draft this year and have been pondering who I will select for my team of awesomeness.  I've been musing mostly over the Bears since I get the most information on them, living in Chicago and all.

I think I'm really going to have to fight for Bears players (Berrian, Hester) this year since they had such a great season last season.  I must say that Berrian was a fantastic FA pick that I made all by myself last year.  So good, I bought the jersey.

I'm thinking of taking Greg Olsen for my TE this year - I've been hearing very good things out of the Bears camp and I think they will start utilizing their TEs much more on offense; but I wonder if this means he will be backing up or playing with Desmond Clark.  Drafting Greg Olsen goes against one of my two major fantasy football drafting rules:
          1.  Do not draft rookies (hence, there was no fight from me to get my hands on Reggie Bush last year).
          2.  Do not draft the player chosen to be on the cover of the latest Madden football video game (Sorry, Vince Young.  I was so sure it would have been LaDanian Tomlinson this year, but if he turned down the opportunity, it was a smart move on his behalf.) I live in Chicago, we believe in curses.
I am iffy on the drafting the Bears defense this year, though I'd still love to get my hands on them.  Bears DEF in my league scored stellar points because it also included the Special Teams.  Hester is playing Offense this year, so the Bears Defense is less likely to score as highly as last year.  Plus we're working without Tank Johnson.

For the past couple of years, Michael Vick has been an excellent QB for my team.  I'm hoping the NFL makes a decision on his participation in the league before my draft starts.  I'm sure many fantasy coaches are agonizing over the situation because it can definitely put a kink in a mock draft.  As for myself, I think I'll leave him be.  I'd rather draft someone I know will play.

I am also very skeptical on Terrell Owens.  T.O. and I have had a rocky relationship in the past as he was part of my team for two years.  The first year, he got injured at the end of the season (right before fantasy playoffs) and totally f'ed my team out of first.  The second year he decided to be a complete primadonna and was benched for a good portion of the fantasy season.  Last year, I picked up QB Bledsoe instead, hoping his passes to T.O. would still score me good points without having T.O. on my team.  We all know how that turned out.  Fortunately, I was able to grab Tony Romo when rumors started flying that he would be starting instead of Bledsoe.  Still, T.O. had an off-year for him, fraught with controversy, overdoses, injury, and rumors.

Of course, I have some players in mind that I am going to fight tooth-and-nail to get my hands on this year and a few tricks up my sleeve.   And since I know for a fact that there is at least one person in my league who reads this blog, I'm keeping those fabulous tidbits of information all to myself.
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Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Time:2:33 pm.
Mood: giggly.

I dare you not to laugh while watching this video.

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Subject:Perpetuating the Stereotype Further
Time:4:56 pm.
Mood: giggly.

Only in Omaha...

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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Time:4:02 pm.
Mood: confused.

Came across the following clue for a crossword puzzle today:

26 across: Pear-shaped fruit
Appears in the puzzle as:  _ _ _ c _ _

Apparently, that's not a pear.  Is that even a legal clue?!

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Subject:Obviously, It's an Epidemic...
Time:9:24 am.
Mood: confused.
I have two things to say about this:

1.  K-Fed must be one hell of a good lay.
2.  Why does no one use condoms with this guy?  He obviously has some very potent sperm. 
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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Subject:Contagious outrageous!!
Time:4:30 pm.
Mood: crazy.
My boss brought his kid into work (again) today.  Usually, I end up babysitting the child whenever he's in.  I enjoy it to a point, but babysitting is not part of my job, nor am I paid enough to do it.  

I noticed something was off with the kiddo today.  His eye was a little bit red and puffy.  I asked my boss what was wrong with his eye.  His reply?

"Conjunctivitis."  he said so nonchalantly.

Um, yeah.  That's pink eye.  He brought his child in with a highly contagious infection to the office.  And since the kid is used to hanging out with me his hands were all over my desk and my stuff and all up in my space.

MY BOSS BROUGHT HIS CHILD WITH PINK EYE INTO THE OFFICE TODAY!!!  I cannot emphasize how insane this is.  Don't people keep their kids home from school for that?  That's right up their with head lice. 

I would also like to mention that I am currently wearing the ONLY pair of contacts I have.  Should I get pink eye, I will be in glasses for an undetermined amount of time.

Anyway, after he slyly mentioned that he had brought a contagious being into our office, panic and alarm bells went off in my head and I had to go wash my hands until the skin came off.  Then I kept some Clorox disinfectant wipes at my desk until the ball of germs left.  

I've never had conjunctivitis and I'd like to keep it that way.

Also, this further proves how much I need to leave this job.
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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Subject:Back in the day...
Time:8:52 am.
Mood: thoughtful.
I ended up going through a lot of my old photo albums last night.  I had to find a picture for R's mom's scrapbook for her retirement/birthday party that I am attending this weekend.  I went into it just expecting complete the task at hand but came out of it completely reminiscent.

R and I met my freshman year of college, so I ended up diving back into photos of that time.  I was amazed at how much has changed since some of those pictures were taken.  How much older I look now, how stupid some of my fashion choices were.  I saw people that I have since lost touch with and I saw people that I have made my best friends.  I saw pictures from a wedding of a couple that has since divorced and pictures of a couple of friends who are now married.  I was kind of amazed at how much has changed (and has it really been six years since I started college?!?!).  I was also kind of shocked at how much those pictures made me miss college.  I thought I was over that feeling by now, but I guess I never will be!  It's not the big college events I miss - frat parties, kegs, formals, date parties, graduations, classes - it's more the little things like hanging out on the Quad with my friends on a nice day, or sitting on the porch of the sorority house, or being able to wear a bandana on my head with my greek letters on it and having it be a totally acceptable item of clothing.

It was funny looking at those photos because I sort of wanted to reach in and tell all the people what their futures hold for them and how they have no idea the paths they are going to go down.  But I guess part of the fun is not knowing and then being suprised once you get there and look back on it all.
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Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Subject:Puppy in the vacuum
Time:11:47 am.
Mood: impressed.

Warning!!  This entry may be disgusting.

I have a friend coming in this weekend, and since she'll practically be sleeping on the floor, I thought I would be nice and vacuum my carpets before she arrives.  Actually, I was sitting on the floor talking on the phone and I kept picking up all these loose strands of hair and thought it might be time to do a little cleaning.  

Anyway, I grabbed the vacuum I inherited from R's roommate when they moved out of their old place and started to attack the floors.  I noticed that the vacuum didn't quite have the suction I wanted, so I turned it over to check out the bristles underneath and sure enough, they were coated in hair.  Like a giant tube of hair.  I grabbed my scissors and started to cut the hair off of the bristles.  When I had finally freed the vacuum, I had enough hair to make a small puppy or a really thick, voluptuous toupee.  It was pretty gross.  I think this is a situation most girls can understand.  Guys, you have no idea what it is like to sit on the floor and cut your hair out of a vacuum while American Idol blares in the background.  Let me give you a hint: not fun!  In a way, it's kind of amazing that I was able to produce that much hair.  I don't know about you, but I'm pretty impressed.

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Time:12:19 pm.
Mood: scared.
Right now at the office we are having a bit of an encounter with some wildlife.  We have two HUGE geese that have been staking out my car for the better part of the morning.  The mailman told me he saw them nipping at my bumper.  These things are seriously gigantic and we fear they are looking for a place to nest.  If they nest here then they are never going away and we are stuck with them.  I think they probably have already nested.

Also, goose poo is gigantic.  It's all over our parking lot and it has the circumference of a baseball.  Mind you, it's not like baseball sized hail, it's a baseball-sized splat.

Anyway, they are big and scary and are not scared of people.  With little birds, when you walk near them they fly away.  These things just stare at you, practically daring you to come closer so they can bite off your toes.  I tried to honk my car horn at them.  Nothing.

So, yes, the geese are scary.  Also my life is that boring right now that I just wrote an entire journal entry on geese.
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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Subject:Friends and Family
Time:5:46 pm.
Mood: calm.
This weekend I went to a wedding for two of my very nearest and dearest friends.  There was food, and drinks, fabulous outfits, and dancing, and laughter.  It was truely amazing.  Though I was swept up in all of the action of the entire event, I would have to admit that my favorite part of this event (and any event) was the morning after.

Hungover and worn down from the night before; we all gathered in the hotel lobby, made down - bed head and sweatpants - to have a little breakfast.  There we sat without all the hoopla of the main event, and it was still one of the best times I've had.  Around eggs and toast we giggled and chatted, more animated than we ever should have been in our condition.  We poked fun at each other, laughed until we cried, and made an inside joke out of a waiter with an accent who gave us the option of ordering off the menu or having at the "boo-fay."  The guests of honor chowed down and laughed along with us, while fiddling with their new wedding bands. 

Many people will tell me nothing has changed; they're still the same couple, only legal now.  But to me, it's different.  It's adult.  And now, instead of us all being just a group of drinking buddies; I feel like this morning at the breakfast table, we all became like family. 
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Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Subject:Ima behind Imus
Time:5:00 pm.
Mood: enraged.
I just read online that CBS fired Don Imus over his off-the-cuff remark about the Rutger's Women's basketball team.  You know what I think of that?  I think it's BULLSHIT!

Don Imus didn't say any swear words, or pseudo-swear words (n-word; f-word), he said a flippant remark about the team.  Probably what he should have said was that they were ugly-ass girls; because taken in context, I do believe that's what he meant by his remark.

All I'm saying, is WTF ever happened to free speech?  Also, Imus has apologized over and over and over and is personally taking time out to sit down with the Rutger's women's basketball team.  At what point does he have to stop paying for this?  At what point does America and society stop punishing him?  At what point do we stop being so damn PC that it abolishes the first amendment altogether?!

People say offensive stuff all the time.  Granted, most of these people don't have their own radio shows.  However, isn't it our job to educate those who are offensive and let them learn from their mistakes and prove themselves before we throw them to the dogs?  Can't we also take into consideration that this man is not inherently bad and insensitive?  Every year, Imus holds a radiothon to raise money for disabled kids.  He was actually in the middle of this year's radiothon when he got the news about the termination of his job.

Basically, I feel like this isn't the most offensive thing anyone's ever said publicly.  It's probably not even the most offensive thing he's ever said.  I don't remember Anne Coulter getting such an enormous backlash after she called a presidential candidate the f-word.  

I'm just so annoyed with how overly PC and hyper-sensitive today's society is.  Obviously, it's not ok when people make offensive remarks, but seriously, can we learn to choose our battles?  Let the lesser things slide?  Why do we have to get all up-in-arms about every little thing?

I don't know.  There's a lot that's wrong with the media and society today.  And I just don't have the time to get into it all.
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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Subject:What's in a name?
Time:1:50 pm.
Mood: curious.
According to this page of the Social Security Administration's website, the name Jennifer was the number 1 baby name from 1970 through 1984.  

This new finding further proves how incredibly unoriginal my parents are.  I do wonder if there was rhyme or reason to selecting my name; though I've been told I'm named after two great aunts: Geisha (GE-SHA) and Gertrude.  So I guess I should be thankful I'm not a Gertrude.  However, my middle name is Gayle, so it is more likely that is where the naming after the aunts was placed.  

Legend also has it that my grandmother was insisting that I be named Samantha, after my Great-Grandfather, Sam.  There are two reasons I was not named Samantha.  This first is that my grandmother was so insistant on that name, that my mom was so annoyed and stopped considering it all together.  The second is that my great-grandfather was still alive when I was born.  In the Jewish faith, we do not name our kids after people that are still alive.  We do not do this because we believe the Angel of Death, when he comes looking for the namesake person; may make a mistake and take the baby of the same name instead.

I've never really gotten a clear, straight answer on why my parents chose Jennifer; condemning me to be known as "Jennifer F." throughout grade school.  Perhaps it was a last minute decision?  I guess I'm just looking for some meaning behind my name, rather than it just being - "Oh, ok, I choose this one." randomly.

My sister's name?  Well, that's a different story.  I named her "Angela" after the character on Whos the Boss?  Yes, my parents let their 3-year-old name their unborn child after a television character.  

My grandma did get her wish in a way; my little sister's middle name is Samielle.
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